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Top 4 Books for RAS Exam Preparation 2023

The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is a premier exam held by the Rajasthan government to recruit qualified candidates for gazetted positions in the state government.

The RPSC RAS selection process has the following three stages. These three stages are as follows:

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main examination
  • Interview

Candidates studying for the RAS exam will need to know which books to read to prepare for the exam. This blog will provide you with a list of books for the RAS exam book to ace the exam on your first try.

The RAS preparation is influenced by current events of national and international importance, and LNA Books has the most powerful and effective RAS exam books, which cover all major current events and can be used to prepare for the RAS exam:

Here’s are the Top 4 Books For RAS Exam Preparation 2023:


In almost every Indian university, public administration is taught in their syllabus as a subject on Indian Administration. Thus, this book has been written to fulfill the need for a comprehensive textbook on Public Administration In India.

Some new chapters have been included in this book for the convenience of the students. The presented book in its new form will prove to be very useful for public administration and political science teachers, students and civil service/provincial civil service like RAS examinations.


The current book, Great Political Thinkers, attempts to study the political ideas of those East and West political thinkers whom people have considered entirely original in their thinking and who, of course, have made some permanent contribution to political thought. People were mainly guided in their selection of political thinkers by their own personal preferences for them for one reason or another. At the same time, you must admit that this book is incapable of serving as a global history of political thought. Each political thinker has been studied in its entirety by me. However, the reader will gain a good understanding of various countries’ social and political thought.


Studying history is crucial to learn about the construction, operation, and evolution of past societies, systems, ideologies, governments, cultures, and technologies. The world’s rich history aids us in painting a detailed picture of where India is now.

This book entails part one and part two of India’s historical background, starting from Babur(A. D. 1483-1530) to post Independence Period (A. D. 1947-1967). get your history knowledge more powerful by studying this book and marking the important events that happened and has a significant impact on our society.


The author (Dr.V.P.Varma, President of All India Political Science Association, 1968) has attempted to present a systematic picture of Modern Indian political ideas scattered across several volumes, journals, newspaper files, pamphlets, and other publications in this book Modern Indian Political Thought. This book is the first attempt to analyze and expound on the various phases, aspects, and schools of Modern Indian political thought.

As a result, before delving into the specifics of political ideas, this book typically begins with a philosophical examination. Political ideas’ sociological foundations have also been discussed. In addition, the author has attempted to discuss the economic consequences of political views.

  • Conclusion

The RAS exam is one of the most difficult examinations in Rajasthan and is also the state’s most prestigious exam for selecting top officials for the state government as well as the RAS curriculum places a strong emphasis on the history and geography of the area. 

To get the most out of their RAS preparation in the time allotted, candidates need the best books for the RAS exam. Locate these above-mentioned books from our LNA book store; you can also order them online at fair prices and browse other books of your interest.  

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