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About Us


Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Educational Publishers is a leading publishing house with a portfolio of titles covering a vast and impressive range of Text and Reference Books on English Literature, Political Science, History, Economics, Commerce & Management, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Geography, Philosophy, and Hindi, etc., written & edited by highly qualified experts in English and Hindi medium for the last several decades.


We aim to deliver original work as well as best reference tools updated with the latest information in every aspect exhibiting a path-breaking approach.


The Writers

The books we publish, are written and edited by experts in their fields. Written with great authority that can only come with in depth research and command over the subject. Every book we publish is a treasure of knowledge.


Publishing Excellence

Our Excellence is respected by Students, Teachers, Research Scholars and those in the field of noble profession of teaching. We have always aimed at publishing books that provide easy access to practical & user-friendly information at very economical prices.


Review Process

All manuscripts that we receive and every project we undertake, proceed through rigorous editorial checks and reviews. The entire process is conducted with integrity and strict ethical standards.