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About Us (Our Journey)

Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Educational Publishers has been in the vanguard of education and learning across India spanning more than ten decades and four generations of vision and mission-driven leaders since 1918. During British Rule in 1918, LNABOOKS was founded by Late Shri Lakshmi Narain Agarwal. Today we at our Publishing House offer a vast and spectacular range of 750+ Text and Reference Books for Graduate and Post Graduate Classes besides various Competitive Exams.

For more than 100 years we’ve been delivering outstanding books to students of colleges and universities of India, on English Literature, Political Science, History, Economics, Commerce & Management, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Geography, Philosophy, Hindi, etc., written and composed by highly qualified experts in English and Hindi medium for the last several decades. Our Reference books are published under the leading brand name in India called NARAIN’S®.

We ensure that we get the best content for our students from across India helping them to make progress in their lives through learning and thus keeping pace with the changing demands of the future workforce.


Our Vision

LNABOOKS vision is to guide you in your educational career to unlock your potential, no matter where your starting point may be. We’ll help you access all the value that education can offer, through high-quality books with trusted content developed by our highly qualified and experienced team of authors drawn from different universities and reputed colleges in India.


Our Mission

 We’ll never stop innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and learners and will continue to support and celebrate your efforts through every step of the way to your achievements.


The Writers

The books we publish are written and edited by experts in their respective fields. Every book we publish is a treasure of knowledge.


Publishing Excellence

Our Excellence is respected by Students, Teachers, Research Scholars, and those in the field of the noble profession of teaching. We have always aimed at publishing books that provide easy access to practical and user-friendly information at very economical prices.


Review Process

All manuscripts that we receive and every project we undertake, proceed through rigorous editorial checks and reviews. The entire process is conducted with integrity and strict ethical standards.