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Lakshmi  Narain Agarwal, Educational Publishers has been in the vanguard of education and learning across India spanning more than ten decades and four generations of vision and mission driven leaders since 1918. During British Rule in 1918, LNABOOKS was founded by Late Shri Lakshmi Narain Agarwal. Today we at our Publishing House offer a vast and spectacular range of 750+ Text and Reference Books for Graduate and Post Graduate Classes besides various Competitive Exams.

For more than 100 years we’ve been delivering outstanding books to students of colleges and Universities of India, on English Literature, Political Science, History, Economics, Commerce & Management, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Geography, Philosophy, and Hindi, etc., written and composed by highly qualified experts in English and Hindi medium for the last several decades. Our Reference books are published under the leading brand name of India called NARAIN’S®.




Dr. Rohtash

 L. N. Agarwal, Agra is one of the best Publications in India. The books of this publication are very useful and have relevance for the students of U.G. and P.G. Courses.

Dr. Rohtash,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Political Science,

Multanimal Modi College Modinagar,


Dr. Neeta Gupta

 I have completed my journey from a student to a teacher with the help of Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Agra. The Publication provides us many books on various topics. I’m fortunate to express my ideas and thoughts of this Publication. From my student life it has been always with me till now. This Publication provides us complete and easy content in easy language (with its text) and for students it gives summary and paraphrase in Hindi language also. After completing a topic there are many questions (objective, short and long) with their answers and before the topic it provides matter on writers and techniques etc. It covers all topics as history, language, drama etc. This Publication prepares new books on new topics before the session. It is pleasure to express my thoughts and I am very thankful to Lakshmi Narain Agarwal Publications.

Dr. Neeta Gupta,

Assistant Professor,

Department of English,

Dayanand Vedic College,



 Dear Sir/Madam, I have found books, published by Lakshmi Narain Agarwal quite appropriate in disseminating knowledge to students. I wish great success to publisher. Looking forward to see more good books from your side.


Assistant Professor,

Department of English,


Dr. Benudhar Patra

 Lakshmi Narain Agarwal Publishers is one of the leading and established text book publishers of India. It greatly helps the students both for preparing academic as well as competitive examinations. The language of the books is very lucid and simple. A student can easily understand the language. The way of expression is very fine. Price of the books are affordable and not beyond the reach of the students. The services of its employees are praise worthy. The publications of this publisher are greatly helping the students as well as teachers. I wish that the publisher to bring out more books to serve the humanity.

Dr. Benudhar Patra,

Associate Professor,

G. Department of History,

G. Government College,


Deepika Jain

Your publication is good and I admired your books quality it was good I will be thankful to you. The books adore lots of the students and every one appreciated it.

Deepika Jain,

Assistant Professor - History,

Govt. College,


Dr. Disha Sharma

 Lakshmi Narain Agarwal's service is excellent. Their books are very useful. The language of the books is very simple so that every reader can understand it easily.

Dr. Disha Sharma,

Designation : Assistant Professor,

Department : English,


Dr. Mansi Vats

 Books of Lakshmi Narain Agarwal Publishers are easy to understand and easily student's can prepare their own notes. For teachers also, their service is too good and best to their reach/destination, wherever teacher needed. If any problem we (readers) faces, they are easily approachable and ready to pick up their readers calls whenever they needed.

Dr. Mansi Vats,

Assistant Professor - English,

Govt. P. G. College,


Pauri - Gharwal,


Dr. Viveka Nand Singh

 All the books of economics published by LNABOOKS are very effective & economic and the behavior of related employers is very good.

Dr. Viveka Nand Singh,

Purnea Mahila Mahavidyalaya,


Dr. Anand Saumitra

 There are few best publishers in India and L. N. Agarwal Publications, Agra is one of them. The books of this publication are very friendly to the students. These books provide good reading materials to the students.

Dr. Anand Saumitra,

Dept. of English,

S. V. College, Kahalgaon,

M. B. U.,


Dr. Abhay Singh

 All the books are very well organized, very good communication, high quality typesetting, quick review, and publication process.

Dr. Abhay Singh,

Assistant Professor - Political Science,

Rana Pratap P. G. College,


Dr. Ranjeet Kaur

Dear Sir, I am very pleased to inform you that books from your publications are very informative and beneficial for students. Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Dr. Ranjeet Kaur,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Economics,

Shri Guru Nanak Girls Degree College,


Dr. Amit Kumar Gaur

 LNABOOKS are excellent and quite useful for teachers and also best study material for students India wide.

Dr. Amit Kumar Gaur

Department of English,

Dr. P. D. B. H. Govt. P. G. College,

Kotdwar (Pauri Garhwal),


Dr. Kuldeep Rastogi

L. N. Agarwal Publications, Agra is the best publisher in India. Books of this publication are easy to read, matter of the books is so helpful in searching student's aim.

Dr. Kuldeep Rastogi,

Assistant Professor - English,

P. Government Girls P. G. College, Haldwani

Dheerendra K. Pandey

As a teacher of higher education, I always recommend the books of Lakshmi Narain Agarwal Publishers in my classes. I tell my students the benefits of purchasing the books published by LNA. The content and subject material of LNA keep high standards and the author of prestigious position write their thoughts which are easy to understand maintaining gravity of subject. In English, I don't find any typographical errors which prove your and your writers' hard work and dedication. I try my best to maintain our relationship in this field of academics and really LNA is a matter of pride for us.


Dheerendra K. Pandey,

Department of English,

Harish Chandra P. G. College,


Dr. M. M. Dhalayat

“Indeed it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to write about the great services rendered by the leading publishing house in North India. Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, the esteemed publishers very popular amongst the students and teachers of almost all the Universities and Colleges of India. My experience with LNA was before 30 years , I purchased a critical study of Mulkraj Anand's Coolie - by Dr. R. L. Varshney, a scholarly study by the author, keeping in view it from the examination part seems to be the best books published by LNA. It's a wonderful band of highly qualified experts, with sheer determination; devotion and dedication have contributed to enrich the student/teacher faculty. The credit of making these quality books goes to Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Agra.I highly appreciate their cordial relationship with teaching faculty to encourage by sending specimen copies too.The publishers generously send the specimen copies to make the process of teaching faculties’ job smooth in teaching and serving study material to make it reach the student community. Overall the team of LAKSHMI NARAIN AGARWAL PUBLISHERS, AGRA has been the topmost book publishers in English language & literature. Though there are many publishers from North India but the comfort zone with LNA is quite different. I earnestly wish the publishers to continue the good job of publishing great volumes and promote the interest of the teachers and taught.”


Dr. M. M. Dhalayat,

Associate Professor,

Head Department of English,

Nehru Arts Science Commerce College & P. G. Study Centre, Hubli

Author's Reviews

  • “The firm of Lakshmi Narain Agarwal is a reputed publisher of India and is my most valued publisher. I take pride in having you as my publisher and I have justified my role as an author. What I write is considered to be an asset in the academic world. Our book Public Administration has today become a synonymous for Public Administration :  it is the first choice of every reader. लोक प्रशासन  is the companion volume in Hindi and is known for its authenticity.”

    Dr. Shriram Maheshwari

    M.A., M.G.A. (WHARTON, U.S.A.), Ph.D. (DELHI)

    Former Professor of Political Science and Public Administration

    Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

    Former National Fellow – ICSSR

  • M/s Lakshmi Narain Agarwal are doing a commendable work by publishing books on English, American, Indo-Anglian, Russian, Greek and African-Caribbean literature. The LNA books provide compact and compendious knowledge of authors and their works to Indian students. The books encompass sufficient biographical details of authors, solutions of textual problems, analytical details and the study of authors and texts in the form of questions and answers. The sole purpose of these books is to facilitate the whole thing for the aspirant students of undergraduate and postgraduate level. I personally feel that the LNA books justify the academic needs of the students of literature.

    Dr. K. N. Khandelwal

             M.A. , B.Ed. , P.hd. (English Literature) , Agra College

    Head of the English Department , National P.G. College – Bhogaon (Mainpuri) , 1970

  • Famous writers from all over India have written books for them , which have run onto many editions. This publication have been immensely useful to students preparing for various courses/examinations of U G and PG examinations of Indian universities and competitive examinations like NET , IAS . They specialise in English Language and literature .

    Dr. Satish Kumar

      M.A. Ph.D. (English)

    U.P. Higher Education Service I

    Member Executive Council , Bundelkhand University ,Jhansi

    Dean Faculty of Arts , M.J.P. Rohilkhand University , Bareilly

  • M/s Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Educational Publishers, Agra is one of the leading Publishing Houses of India . The Publishing House goes an extra mile to make their books highly serviceable to the student community by overseeing the production of the titles under the watchful eyes of a dedicated board of authors so that nothing but the best reaches the hands of the students. With Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, the business of Publication extends beyond the borders of a mere commercial venture . It will not be an exaggeration to record that eminent firms like this one have been mainly responsible for the popularity of English Literature all over our Indian Universities . It is heartening to note that the Publishing House is hitting a century beginning their odyssey with the landmark year of the independence of our country. I wish them many more feathers to their cap in the years to come and keep their banner flying aloft with the grace of the Giver of All Things !


    M.A. (English) , M.Phil. ,B.T.

    Prof. of English Language and Literature

    V.O.C College , Tuticorin



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Benefits of reading NARAIN’S English Literature !

1 . The text thoroughly analysed from all aspects – Plot , Characterisation , Technique, Themes, Symbols and Explanations of important passages and annotations wherever required.

2 . All topics are discussed with an eye to examination.

3 . An exposure of latest criticism on the text.

4 . Questions and Answers to get set for examination.

5 . Select Bibliography for further reading.

Why students choose NARAIN’S books?

1 . Provide the proper guidelines for preparation.

2 . Time-tested companions of students for several decades.

3 . Reasonably priced and pocket friendly

4 . They are the Sign – Posts to Success.