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UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2022: Books and IAS Exam Important Topics

Some topics seem important for the UPSC IAS exam, but interestingly, they are not asked in the prelims exam and mostly asks for the background of the current events. Ideally, UPSC invites around four aspects of a topic in one question through multiple options, and only one option is correct. The candidate who has read important books for UPSC thoroughly has a clear idea about the topic and can only answer those confusing questions. 

The prelims exam and the answer writing will benefit from reading the best books for UPSC preparation.

Following are some of the best books for UPSC preparation:

  • Indian Constitution – By – Dr. Avasthi

The Panchayati Raj, Local Self Government, Important Issues, and Important Commissions are just a few of the newly expanded topics the author covered. Other topics included the Indian Civil Service, Amendment of the Constitution (up to 2017), Lokpal and Lokayuktas (Amendment) Act, 2015, Important Commissions in India (including NITI Aayog), and The Panchayati Raj.

This edition aims to examine and support the various issues with and facets of the Indian Constitution. The book was written for Indian university students as well as those taking political science, public administration, and general studies for the Civil Services Examinations.

A few fresh subjects have been added. Mention may be made of the Indian Civil Service, The Panchayati Raj: 73rd Amendment Act, Municipalities, Lokpals, and Lokayuktas, as well as some significant issues and commissions.

  • Indian Government And Politics – By – Dr. Avasthi

In recent years, scholars in India have begun to pay more attention to the study of Indian politics and government, which had previously received little attention. It is being introduced as a paper for the graduate and postgraduate programs of the various universities in India due to the subject’s growing importance. However, there isn’t a single book that covers all the facets of Indian politics. The author has made a modest effort in this book to provide organized information that comprehensively meets the needs of both Indian university students and those preparing for various competitive exams.

The book has been broken down into 43 chapters for the benefit of the readers.

  • Modern Indian Political Thought – By – Dr. V.P. Verma

The author (Dr. V.P. Varma, President of All India Political Science Association, 1968) has made an effort in this book Modern Indian Political Thought to present a systematic picture of Modern Indian political ideas, which are dispersed in several volumes, journals, newspaper files, pamphlets, etc. This book represents the first thorough examination of the various stages, facets, and schools of Modern Indian political thought.

The explanation of the dominant metaphysical premises facilitates the understanding of political concepts. Therefore, in this book, a study of the philosophical underpinnings of political ideas has typically been made before analyzing the specifics.

Political ideologies’ sociological roots have also been covered. The author also made an effort to discuss how political ideas might affect the economy. His other book in the field of political science also pursued a similar thorough methodology.

Significantly new materials have been added to the work for this edition. From the times of the Vedas, Panini, and Kadambari to those of Dayananda, Tilak, Vivekananda, and Gandhi, Indian political thought has had a phenomenal impact on not only Asia and India but also on the rest of the world. The two main encyclopedic reference works on Indian political thought are Ancient and Medieval Indian Political Thought and Modern Indian Political Thought.


It is crucial to give both their historical context and current relevance equal weight when studying for UPSC. The above-mentioned three important books for UPSC, ensure you read them thoroughly when studying for UPSC.



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