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A Defence Of Poetry – P. B. Shelley – By – P. S. Sastri



A Defence Of Poetry *, Original Author – Shelley P.B. , Author – Dr. P.S. Sastri, Isbn Code –


Edited with: General Introduction, Text Detailed Summary, Notes, and Explanations Question and Answers, etc (According to U.G.C. Syllabus as Prescribed)


General Introduction

Life and Works of Shelley

Peacock’s Four Ages

Sidney and Shelley

Naturalistic Theory

Shelley’s Platonism

Reason and Imagination

Nature of Inspiration

Rhythm and Metre

Nature of Poetry

Function of Poetry

Shelley’s Theory of Poetry

Select Critical Opinions

Chronology of Important Dates

Text of ‘A Defence of Poetry’

Synopsis of the Text

Detailed Summary of ‘A Defence of Poetry’

Origin and Background of ‘A Defence of Poetry’

Critical Appreciation of ‘A Defence of Poetry’

Explanatory Notes

Explanations of Important Passages

Questions and Answers


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